Research and Development
From raw material production to finished products.

During the process of extracting active ingredients from medicinal plants grown at our own farm, plants turn into new raw materials while changing shape.
Products are made by combining these raw materials, but since plants are affected by the production area, climate, timing, etc., keeping track of component variations at that time allows us to maintain the quality of the products constant.
Since the type and amount of the active ingredient extracted greatly changes depending on extraction conditions such as temperature, pressure, solvent, time, etc., we look for the most suitable conditions by using analysis equipment such as GC / MS or HPLC.
There are also many unknown ingredients and functionalities in plants. By collaborating with neighboring universities and using special equipment such as NMR, we investigate the structure of unknown components, the functionality of water in plant cells, etc., and are using it for the understanding of plants and the commercialization of plant based products.

About analysis data

In the figure below "Hamanasu (Rosa Rugosa) flower raw material production / analysis process flow chart", we introduce what raw materials are made from the flower of Hamanasu harvested in our field and how we investigate it.
We extract raw materials such as plant cell water, essential oil, dried flowers, absolute, polyphenol, minerals etc.
Then, we will examine what and how much active components are contained in the raw materials extracted. After extraction, the remaining flowers are put back in our field as fertilizer.
Analysis data is an "answer" to something you actually do and that you do not understand, so it is important for the understanding of things and for their use as commercial products.
However, if waiting for "results" from the beginning of the analysis, the data will only be a mean to add value to the product, and lose the original meaning of the data itself. Therefore, it is important to handle analysis data in a balanced manner.

About Hamanasu cellular water