About Essentia

At Essentia, we aim to contribute to “create a harmonious society” by providing honest “medicines” and safe “products”.

We provide support for the realisation of a “Lush and healthy life” by delivering original products and services to the world.

Through building a closed loop system centered on agriculture, we propose and provide a community to connect people together.

Here in Sapporo, Hokkaido, our approach centred on agriculture aims to
“make products based on agriculture-raised plants, spread information on them and sell them.

For that purpose, we are divided in tree sections:

1: A shop centred on traditional chinese medicine.
2: Research, development and manufacture facility.
3: Information dissemination/sales.

We do carry out from the production of raw materials to ingredient analysis, manufacturing, information dissemination in one flow.
We make products with added value using the crops we grow in a natural and organic way, without using any chemical fertilizer or pesticide.

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